Is there a dress code?

Your child should have indoor, comfortable shoes that differ from their outdoor shoes (no light up, or large animal shaped shoes/slippers). Shirts are to be solid white or ivory; and in cold weather, a navy sweater or vest is advisable.  Bottoms/dresses/skirts are to be solid navy blue or tan brushed cotton/twill pants: denims or sweat pants are not an option, and as such not allowed.  Fridays are casual days allowing the child to wear jeans, T-shirts, etc.  We suggest a change of clothing remain at school in a labeled bag.  All field trips require that your child wear our Montessori T-shirt, otherwise they will be provided with one and billed accordingly.


How do we alert staff about my child’s peanut allergy?

Please notify the supervisor of any special needs for your child such as allergies or diet problems in order for the staff to ensure the safety of your child.

Please note: We are a nut free facility. Please ensure that you do not bring in any products containing nuts or traces of nuts into the school.


Does the school provide hot meals?

The school provides am snack , pm snack and a hot, nutritious lunch prepared at the school by the cook. For children with allergies or restrictions, parents may provide adequate food for them.


Do we have a nap time in the school?

For children enrolled in  a full time program, according to Ministry Regulations they are required to rest for at least one hour per day. Children do not have to sleep but the must rest quietly on their beds for at least one hour. They can bring their favorite toy, a pillow and a blanket.