Our Faculty

DusankaDusanka Stulic, our Principal is a certified Elementary Teacher since 1979 with Major in English and English Literature. She also took courses at University of Windsor in History and Foreign Languages. Dusanka was granted her post graduate degree in Montessori Education from AMS in 2005. She had an opportunity to teach throughout Europe, Asia and North America. She is eager to share and exchange knowledge and ideas in education in order to help her students to progress to their best abilities and develop a desire for learning. Ms Dusanka is presently a Head-Directress of Elementary 1 classroom and administrator of the Academy. Love and devotion for the children are her greatest quality.


Ms. Jodi Crawford is the Head-Directress for our North Casa program. Jodi brings her enthusiasm for learning and love of nature to our class, here she leads French experiences, follows up on practical life and sensorial lessons, and prepares phys ed activities. She leads lessons in all areas of the classroom, extending the Montessori curriculum to its fullest potential.





  Ms. Marian Mofreh 

  Ms. Malika Patel 

  Ms. Ana Stulic 

  Ms. Chloe Maitre (Music Teacher)

  Ms. Marg Boulton